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How To Protect Your Coax Connections From Lighting

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Each year, Canadians lose billions of dollars in property damage due to lightning. Lightning can damage electrical components and cause the loss of lives and property. It is estimated that there are over 22,600 lightning-related fires each year in the US.

For you to protect your sensitive equipment and coax connections such as your dual-band mobile antenna, you need a coaxial lightning arrestor.

Effects of lightning on electrical systems.

Lightning current can create a potential difference between the conductors (shield and inner core), and this voltage travels to your other communication equipment. Lightning can damage expensive and sensitive components in your communication equipment.

The extent of the damage caused by lightning goes beyond the electrical equipment. High voltage can lead to fire outbreaks.

Lightning can also be fatal for individuals inside a home or a building. Plugged-in devices like phones, headphones, laptops, and other electronics can harm home occupants.

How do coax lightning arrestors work?

Various types of lightning arrestors work with different principles. This type of arrester uses a gas chamber. Lightning arrester manufacturers fill the chamber with an inert. When the high voltage from a bolt of lightning enters the chamber, the high energy from the strike ionizes the gas and makes it a conductor.

The ionized gas conducts the current and sends it to the ground line where it dissipates. After the transmission, the gas returns to its inert state till it is agitated again. Some arresters may also have a fuse that burns up when voltage above threshold level passes through it.

Benefits of using a coax lightning arrester.

Protect all your communication equipment: The primary aim of an arrestor is to prevent damage caused by your electronics and property from lightning strikes.

Multiple usages: Your coax arrestor can be used multiple times unlike some other types of arrestors.

Inexpensive: coaxial arrestors are a cost-effective remedy for protecting your equipment from lightning and surges. Even for more expensive arresters, the benefits greatly outweigh the costs.

How to choose a coax lightning arrester for your equipment.

Operating frequency: Most of the time, your coax arrester acts as a passive connector in your system. Therefore you should be sure it has the same operating frequency as the rest of your devices.

Connector type: You need a connector that is compatible with your antenna. You will have to spend more money on another adaptor or connector if you make the wrong choice.

Surge response and performance: If your home or property is very susceptible to lightning strikes, you need to invest in a high-quality arrester.

DC pass or block: Will your equipment allow DC voltage or block it? Whichever one it is, you need a coaxial lightning arrester with the right specifications.

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