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What is our most popular cable?

Updated: May 2, 2023

As RF has been building various cables over the last few years, we've noticed one cable that has almost become the standard size for us. The CL40-NMNM-30. Built with LMR-400 or equivalent cable, N Male to N Male connectors at 30 feet in length



What makes this cable so popular? An example of a typical installation is a pole mounted antenna, cable, lightning arrestor and radio. The 30' cable assembly is the perfect length between these products. Most antennas have a N Female connector and the lightning arrestors are also N Female. To complete the installation a short jumper is needed to run from the lightning arrestor to the radio.

Cable assemblies (6' and up) and jumpers (2' to 5') can be built with any size of cable, any type of connector, any quantity.

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