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Which is better? Yagi or LPDA?

LPDA (log periodic dual band) antenna is still a Yagi but has a wide frequency range to cover all frequencies used in the current cellular system. It will also cover the 2.4GHz internet frequency. LPDA's are used in areas where the signal is weak and direct cell coverage to your cellular phone is unavailable or unreliable.

RF Cables now stocks two LPDA's. The TE Connectivity antenna (formally Laird) is the LP800-2500-9-NF, its frequency range is 806-960MHz/1710-2500MHz at 9dBi across all bands.

We now are stocking a newer version with updated frequency coverage with higher gain


698-960MHz/1710-2700MHz 11dBi.

Spec Sheets

Download PDF • 943KB

Download PDF • 150KB

Contact Ron for more information and pricing.

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